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Voice Over Coaching

Voice Over Coaching Is As Important As Any Other Factor When Learning To Do Voice Over Work.

Things You Need in Your Voice Over Coaching


One of the most difficult aspects of breaking into a career in the voice over industry is finding proper training. The probability of a person with no formal training getting work is extremely low. Choosing the wrong coach can also limit your growth immediately. Below are five aspects you need to be aware of when deciding on who will provide your voice over coaching.

1. Information on script interpretation

Script interpretation is as important as any other aspect of voice over work. Is the way you’re reading the script the way the writer intended? How do you even know what to look for? Quality voice over coaching should cover this topic and leave you feeling confident. Voiceover Dynamite includes a learning module dedicated to it called, “The Secret Keys to Script Interpretation- the core foundation for voiceover excellence.”

2. Examples of how it sounds at a professional level

Just like in professional sports, there is a significant difference between the amateur level and professional level. If you want to be the best voice over actor you can be, you need to study the masters, and Voiceover Dynamite gives you the opportunity to emulate several masters with the same scripts included in the package.

Voiceover Dynamite also includes artist interviews with the pros you hear on our virtual, downloadable voice over training course. These artists speak candidly about their experiences, and really dish on what it takes to succeed in the industry!

3. A way to practice in context

As we mentioned in our page on voice over training, the only way to improve in any discipline is practice. But how do you practice improving your voice over skills? Voiceover Dynamite includes 104 example tracks (with multiple voice over artists), and the same backing tracks with the VO removed, so YOU CAN BE THE ARTIST. You are now practicing in a real-world context!

4. Feedback (recording)

These tracks are ideal for those who have a digital audio workstation (DAW). You can record as many takes as you like, and place them perfectly with the backing tracks which have no VO. You can even use these takes on your demo- when you are ready.

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5. Practice with a variety of scripts, in as many areas of voice over as possible

Particularly in the beginning stages of your training, you should try multiple styles, to develop your voice, and see what strengths you have naturally. Take the time to find out what styles you like and enjoy, and to also determine what you don’t like. The Voiceover Dynamite 12-week course introduces you to multiple styles of scripts: commercials, narrations, book excerpts, telephony, dialog, comedy, and more.
Voiceover Dynamite is great training for home study by itself or with a coach (we highly recommend working with a coach!).