Voiceover Dynamite – 12 week course

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Product Description

Voiceover Dynamite

1. 25 scripts of voiceover copy: commercials, narrations, book excerpts, telephony, dialog, and comedy
2. 104 example tracks with 2 (sometimes 3!) professional voice artists demonstrating each script (about 3 hours of audio)
3. The same backing tracks with the VO removed, so YOU CAN BE THE ARTIST
4. The Secret Keys to Script Interpretation- the foundational principles on which all VO is based
5. Artist Interviews- candid and insightful!
6. Access to all of the blogs, featuring insights and commentary on the craft and business of VO
7. THE DIRECTOR’S NOTES- The behind-the-scenes analysis of each script, giving you powerful insights into how to voice the copy the way the writer intended!

These lessons are ideal for those who have a digital audio workstation (DAW). You can then record as many takes as you like, and place them perfectly with the backing tracks which have no VO. You can even use these takes on your demo!


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