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What does Voiceover Dynamite include?

Voiceover Dynamite is a 12-week program.

Here’s what you get:

Audio tracks (104 tracks in all, about 3 hours total),

25 unique scripts, each voiced by 2 different professional voice artists with varied styles,

Those same fully produced background tracks without the VO, so YOU can be the artist,

script notes (as you would see them in the studio),

The Director’s Notes (extensive notes on each script, including analyses of the copy, what to look for, how to bring each one to life with your voice, comparisons between the professionally recorded versions, and anything else that we thought might be helpful to the voiceover artist for each),

The Secret Keys to Script Interpretation (worth the price of admission alone!), and

insightful interviews with the voiceover artists you’ll hear on Voiceover Dynamite.

By downloading the tracks, you can import the audio files into your recording environment, record your own voiceover takes, and place them with perfect timing to the backing tracks. You could even use these on your demo!

You will learn about the craft and business of voiceover at a faster pace and for a better price than simply working with a voiceover coach. With so much professional input, Voiceover Dynamite is like having a team of coaches helping you to improve your craft.

We also show you costly pitfalls to avoid- they’re out there! Avoid just one of the several we point out, and you can save thousands of dollars.

Our blogs are free, and include professional insights, ideas on training, studio tips, and marketing advice, to get you closer to your voiceover goals. 


What kind of scripts are included?

All kinds! Voiceover Dynamite takes a broad approach, with commercials, narrations (documentary, “how it’s made”, audiobook excerpts and a complete short story), telephony, radio imaging, TV news promo, television action drama promo, and others.

There are character parts, dialogs, serious scripts, comedic scripts, long and short scripts, 25 in all, in most areas of voiceover!


What makes your product unique?

  1. This is the only truly interactive voiceover program we know of. You’re practicing along with the pros who recorded these same scripts, comparing your takes with theirs, and learning in the process.
  2. Our background tracks are all original and produced by us- they’re not “library music”- each is tailor-made to the specific script, not just generic “beds” lifted off the web. We’re composer-producers, and we knew exactly what backgrounds we wanted to put behind each voiceover.
  3. The Secret Keys to Script Interpretation- a foundational course in the fundamental skills of voiceover will give you the solid footing you need to develop as an artist.
  4. The Director’s Notes- this is where it gets real: understanding the script completely is the most important aspect of doing a great voiceover. We pull back the curtain on each and every script and tell you everything there is to know about how to deliver it like a seasoned pro.
  5. The unbeatable price! You’re getting more information on the craft and business of voiceover with this package than you will find anywhere else at this price, which is less than the cost of two lesson with a private coach.


What equipment do I need?

Good Question! At its most basic, your computer with speakers or other playback device is all you need.

However, in order to get the intended benefit of Voiceover Dynamite, we strongly recommend working within a digital recording environment, so you can record your tracks with the backing tracks we have for each script.

We know it sounds daunting and expensive to “work within a digital recording environment,” but it’s not, and we’ll prove it to you. Have you ever heard of Garage Band? Well, it is a digital recording environment that comes packaged with any Mac computer. You may already own it, and not know it. If you’re a windows user, Audacity is free, and Reaper is available for only $60 (they have a license stipulation on income derived from usage- see www.reaper.fm). You’ll also need a microphone and something to plug a microphone into, which is called a hardware interface. It bridges the gap between the microphone and the computer. We recommend asking the friendly sales people at Sweetwater Sound for help in choosing one. They like answering questions and they’re very helpful. Call 1-800-222-4700, or visit: sweetwater.com.

We also provide technical assistance for technophobes, and have several blogs to help you understand and get started using this kind of gear. If you can drive a car or surf the internet, you can work this stuff, we promise.


Will this work on Mac and PC?

It sure will. All of the files are print, audio, or video, and will work for each platform; simply download the files, and start training!


Is there a guarantee?

We’d love to offer a money back guarantee, but since this is an information product, that’s hard- once you have the information, you have it! It’s like trying to “unsee” something. Sorry.

What we guarantee is that we are providing an easy to use, exceptionally interactive product, with many hours of practical application whenever you need it, and to help you avoid some very costly mistakes on your personal voiceover journey.


How exactly do I use the product?

We recommend following these 4 steps with each script in order to get the most benefit.

STEP 1: Read the script, and try it out. Work on getting the meaning of the copy across and see if you can spot any opportunities for enhancing the delivery: words to emphasize, inflections to make a phrase “sing”, getting the character to sound authentic.

Try it a number of times, and if at all possible, record yourself at this stage. Listen to your takes, adjust, and try it again.


STEP 2: Listen to the backing track with music and sound effects. It’s labelled, “(script name) No VO.”
Does it change your perception of the script?
Music and background sounds are there to reinforce the meaning in the message, or create a sense of atmosphere, scene or setting.

Read it again, this time with the backing track, and record yourself.

Listen, adjust and do more takes


STEP 3: Now, listen to the professionally voiced versions of the script. Are you surprised by anything in their interpretation?
Often, written copy and voiceover performance have different rules for the same words!
Adopt what you can from the examples, and try it again.


STEP 4: Practicing, listening and recording is only one part of the program. Don’t forget to utilize the Director’s Notes.

Each and every script (yes, even the phone hold one- there’s more to it than meets the eye!) is dissected and clarified, so you can see EXACTLY what it is the writer and producer want from your recording. Mood, attitude, tone, subtext, pacing, highlights and lowlights, hidden themes, what to emphasize, what to de-emphasize, how to hit the copy points, how to play the humor, who, what, why, when, where, and how!
The Director’s Notes also let you in on common production tricks, and what directors do on the fly at real recording sessions, to make the final version the best it can be. Now, fully armed with all of the details, do it again and record yourself. Compare your first takes with your latest. Hear the improvement? Keep going. With the wide variety of scripts, you will learn how to approach a dialog commercial, an audiobook, a comedy piece, a television promo, radio imaging, a DVD introduction, and more.

The Secret Keys to Script Interpretation dovetails perfectly with all of the scripts, tracks, and Director’s Notes, providing a wealth of information that has heretofore been closely guarded, or shared only at great cost.

We’ll also help you understand how to set up your home studio- you can use it for auditions and/or finished work. What gear to buy, how to get the most out of your studio, simple tricks you’ll use every day. It’s not as costly or difficult as you might think.

How do you market yourself? What works, and what doesn’t? We can help.

Our artist interviews are insightful, candid, and revealing. They have some strong opinions about the craft and the business!


Do you offer voiceover coaching?

At present, no. We’re very busy launching Voiceover Dynamite and creating our NEXT big project, which will dovetail nicely with it.


Who can I contact if I have technical difficulties?

Please email info@voiceoverdynamite.com if you have any problem downloading Voiceover Dynamite, or any other questions, comments, or concerns. We’ll email you right back as soon as possible.