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Copyright Infringement Warning

A personal note about Voiceover Dynamite…

We created Voiceover Dynamite in order to fill in the gap of what was missing in voiceover education- to help you, the new voice artist, learn more easily, develop your skills faster, and save you money by being an honest business, unlike so many predatory companies out there. We really do want to help.

With that in mind, please help us help you.

Please DO tell your friends about us. Please send them to our site. Please encourage them to buy Voiceover Dynamite as their own springboard to getting into voiceover.

Please DO NOT copy, repost, or otherwise share our content. We are a company of two people, and we need the money from the sales of our product in order to make more great content for you. It affects us in a BAD WAY if our content is stolen. Do unto others as you would have done unto you, right? Thanks.

Quinn Sikora and Randy Akins, creators of Voiceover Dynamite