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About Us

Voiceover Dynamite was conceived by Quinn Sikora when he noticed 3 things wrong with voiceover education:

1) There were too many people and companies preying upon innocent “newbies” to the industry, instead of running an honest business by actually helping them;

2) There seemed to be no foundational curriculum as a starting point for new talent;

3) There was no way to train, once the student had the basic knowledge.

So, he got busy and wrote scripts in as many areas of voiceover as he could, with the idea that he’d produce them with backing tracks and professional voice artists to provide great examples, and also have those same backing tracks without the VO, so new voice talent could practice with them.

He realized it was a large project, and wondered who else might have skill sets in a lot of different areas that could apply.

That was when he realized he had a friend who is a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, producer, voice artist, engineer, businessman and otherwise smart guy: Randy Akins.

Once the scripts were written, they divided them, and began producing backing tracks for each.

Quinn searched for the best voice artists he could find, and after listening to way too many demos, found 6 great ones: 3 from his hometown, Omaha, NE, one from Washington state, one from Pennsylvania, and one from the UK, all of whom rocked.

The tracks turned out well.

The Secret Keys to Script Interpretation provides the foundational knowledge with which to practice along with the tracks, and the Director’s Notes are the inside info on each specific script.

We wanted to address the above concerns about voiceover education in a way that is useful to people new to voiceover, and without breaking their banks. We hope Voiceover Dynamite inspires people to learn the craft and business of voiceover, get good, and start careers in the industry.

Quinn Sikora

Quinn Sikora is a musician, composer, producer, writer, programmer, voice talent, teacher, and conceiver of cool things. He does many of these things at the same desk, and may often be seen to be doing several at the same time. Certainly his work on Voiceover Dynamite exemplifies this, although he admits to having some assistance from his two cats, Uncle Red and May.

Randy Akins

Randy Akins is a 30 year professional in the music and recording industries. A multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer, he has been involved with voiceover for many years, both in front of the microphone as well as providing backing tracks for other voiceover artists.